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patio remodel | and it begins…

25 Jun

First of all, we haven’t officially announced on the blog yet that we are so thrilled to have won the Social Space Makeover Contest sponsored by Making it Lovely and American Express! THANK YOU so much to everyone who voted for us, posted on facebook to vote for us, and for our other blog friends who gave us a shout out on their own blogs! We won 150,000 American Express rewards points to remodel/decorate our front patio as well as a custom design plan from Nicole at Making it Lovely. Here is the plan she came up with, we love it!

So…this past week we have started planning what we would like to do to the patio with the rewards points (which will be used for gift cards to Home Depot, West Elm, and Crate and Barrel) and of course our simple plan has gone from ‘let’s just add some nice furniture and accessories’ to ‘what if we demoed the ugly stucco wall with arches, resided that interior area with cool modern siding, changed the whole color scheme, painted the front door, rebuilt the privacy wall with cool wooden slats, and maybe built custom bench seating?’ Oh, and we can’t do all that without replacing the hideous 1972 Spanish style light fixtures, right? Oh, well if we are going to do all that why don’t we at least see about residing and repainting the whole house? (it is in dire need of residing and new paint, but we weren’t exactly planning on doing it quite so soon…)

So, as we pull out the demo tools (after a very long time span of no need for them)…we are thinking oy, what are we getting ourselves into again? We always bite off more than we can chew…but hopefully it’ll be totally worth it.

Oh yeah, and we want to have all this done in time for Zoey’s first birthday, which is in about a month. Yeah, we’re insane.

Wish us luck! We’ll post about our progress regularly here!

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One Response to “patio remodel | and it begins…”

  1. Jill browning June 26, 2011 at 2:29 pm #

    Congrats! Can’t wait to see what you do with the space!

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