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help us pick paint colors!

27 Jun

So, we are leaning towards residing/repainting the entire house…we haven’t made a final decision but we didn’t want to do all this work to the front patio and have to live with paint colors (by previous owners) that we just don’t really like. So, we are working on trying to select paint colors if we do decide to reside/repaint. Two things are certain – medium gray siding and a bold canary yellow door. Here is what we are debating: the color for the underside of the roof (soffit), the color for the trim and wood columns, and the color for the wood slat privacy wall that will be replacing the ugly stucco wall that we tore down over the weekend (pics to come from that)…

For now, here is a photo of the front of the house before we started any work:

And here are the paint colors that we are thinking of doing:

Edited to add – here are some photos from flickr that we are using for inspiration…

like how the white wall and white soffit contrasts in this home

really like the all white soffit and trim in this home

this may be my favorite inspiration image – love how the yellow door contrasts and love how the spans of white complement the rock

Any feedback/opinions are appreciated!

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4 Responses to “help us pick paint colors!”

  1. Kate June 27, 2011 at 3:16 pm #

    How far off is the grey you chose from the grey on the garage door? It looks pretty similar on my screen.

    I like the plan you have so far…another idea might be to choose a lighter or darker grey for the soffit & trim if you want less of a contrast between them. The yellow door and soon to be wood columns will likely be the focal points…not sure if the white will try to steal the show…I guess it depends on how light it is next to the grey? I am excited to see demo pictures!

  2. heatherandmike June 27, 2011 at 3:33 pm #

    Good points Kate – we will definitely consider these factors…Mike is going for a gray trim color so we may end up doing that…

  3. Kate June 27, 2011 at 3:58 pm #

    hmmmm…another option is to do the walls that are dark green now in grey and then make the whole front by the garages white as well as the trim…that might be cool too! So hard to decide!

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