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partial house tour!

20 Aug

I finally took some time to take some updated photos yesterday! We’ve been working on getting the house ready for the market. We are still finishing up some projects downstairs and I’ll share those soon, but the main level is just about set. It looks like the house will be live for sale in about three weeks, but if you know anyone looking for a house in Austin leave me a comment with your email address and I’ll send you the preview listing our realtor has posted online. I still can’t believe we are actually doing this after all the work and time we have put into the house, but it just seems like the right thing to do for us right now. We hope to downsize a bit in both size and hopefully monthly payment, be closer to Mike’s job and Zoey’s daycare, and have a place with a flatter yard where Zoey can play outside and maybe one day we can put in a pool…We’ve been looking at houses here and there, and soon I’ll post some pics of houses we are considering as well. I wish I could say we have come across something with as much character as this one, but I can’t say that we have. Which is ok, we can always add character. But, a few we are looking at definitely have some mid century flair/bones… more to come.

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total chaos

6 Jun

Total chaos is the state of our house right now. We decided (well, ok maybe I decided and Mike went along grudgingly :) ) that I just couldn’t live with the popcorn ceilings and textured walls in some parts of our house (namely Zoey’s room and the guest bedroom upstairs, and all of the downstairs), while the areas that we totally renovated have smooth new drywall. They just don’t match. We should have done it all at the same time, but at that time we just didn’t have the funds to do the other rooms after we’d redone all of the drywall in the kitchen/office/living/hallway/sunken living/entrance along with all of the other renovations we did in those areas.

So, after staging the Agave house, selling it, and moving our staging furniture back here (the buyers of that house did purchase a lot of the furniture), we never even put the guest bedroom and Zoey’s room furniture back in those rooms. Some of it is in the garage, and some of it is in the sunken living room. It’s total chaos, but we have Zoey’s room and the guest bedroom cleared out on the main level and the drywall guys will be here this morning. Exciting! They will be clearing out the popcorn ceilings, making them as smooth as a baby’s bottom, and doing the same thing with the walls (which right now have an icky sand texture).

After the drywall is done, they will prime and paint (undecided on the colors yet, but I think I will do a cool pattern treatment on a wall in Zoey’s room, stay tuned for that). Then, we are likely pulling the old switcharoo in those rooms. Zoey’s room will become the guest bedroom and her bedroom will become the guest bedroom (and eventually a nursery if and when we have another baby). We figured it might be smart to think ahead since we would eventually move Zoey’s room if we have another kid, and the thought of moving all of her stuff out of her room yet again just kills me.

Zoey’s room before

And all cleared out…

Good Riddance Popcorn!

Guest Bedroom Before

All cleared out…

We are also having them fix a few drywall nicks and repaint in a more blue hue the front wall of the house. Here is what that looks like now (this is an older pic). The color has a lot more green/teal than it shows in photos. The color we are repainting is more of a deep blue.

After those rooms are settled and we can finally say we are done with the upstairs, we will start on the huge downstairs project. I will leave that for another post. More updates soon!

our last vintage letter arrived!

31 Aug

Here they are! Overall we love them but are unsure about a few things…

1 – The K is really small. Too small? We couldn’t find another K that we liked that wasn’t crazy expensive…

2 – We have the opposite problem with the S. Is it too large or does the large A balance it out enough?

3 – Love the B, love the N, and love the A too but it’s sort of pink. I love pink, but maybe not in our main living area. We are thinking of spray painting it a bold yellow. Would that be just wrong? I hate to lose the “worn” vintage feel of it, so I’m torn…

4 – We are thinking of hanging them in the space right above our front door…thoughts?

the actual brady bunch house

23 Jul

Came across this article about the Brady Bunch House on Apartment Therapy the other day and thought it was cool, considering it is the namesake of our little blog :)

Growing up I LOVED watching The Brady Bunch, and I wanted to live in their house. I thought it was the COOLEST. So, when Mike and I fell in love with this house, we immediately both naturally started calling it our Brady Bunch House, especially pre-remodel. The kitchen especially, with the Spanish style arches and railings, plus the paint colors, the floating staircase going downstairs, and our groovy master bath including the built in stone planter (which we love) were all so very Brady Bunch. We’ve modernized the house A LOT, but we still think parts of it hearken back to The Brady Bunch Days…

Here is a pic of the actual Brady Bunch House now, apparently it was on the market for $1million plus a couple years ago…

And here are some fun pics of the actual Brady Bunch house way back when. Makes me want to watch a few old episodes. Are they still on?

And here are a few pics of our house pre-remodel that I think totally hearken back to Brady Bunch times…

Couldn’t you just imagine the Brady clan running around our house back in the day?!

we’re melting!!

21 Jul

Ok, not really. But sorta. It was around 100 degrees all weekend, as we worked outside on the privacy wall. Why oh why did we decide to start this project in July of all months? Oh yeah, because we won the awesome contest from Making it Lovely and American Express!

So, so far we’ve used a large portion of the rewards points for Home Depot gift cards, which in turn we used to purchase the wood for the wall (around $400) and paint (Behr Pot of Cream) as well as misc supplies for said wall.

Our original goal was to have this complete in time for Zoey’s 1st birthday party (her birthday is this Friday July 22nd) but that isn’t going to happen. So, what to do but move the party date to August 13th :) We don’t anticipate we’ll have everything done then (especially if we do end up residing the house) but we hope to have a lot more done at that point. So, stay tuned for updates, they will be coming regularly!

Onto some pics of the progress from the weekend (sorry they are iphone pics I was too exhausted after working all day to bust out my big rig camera!) We had hoped to get all of the wood up this weekend, but alas that did not happen. We think one more full workday will complete the wood install, then we will still need to putty the holes from the screws, sand, paint, install the cool sconce, and install the house numbers. So, we still have quite a bit to do but we are making progress and we are loving it!


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